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AutoScreenCap is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you automatically take screenshots at a user-defined time.
The advantages of being portable
Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.
You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need take screenshots on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.
Intuitive layout
AutoScreenCap runs quietly in the system tray until called upon when it puts at your disposal several dedicated parameters. You are welcomed by a well-organized set of configuration settings that can be tweaked with minimal effort.
Configuration settings
The tool gives you the possibility to start or stop the capturing process, take snapshots at a user-defined time, specify the target location, start taking snapshots at startup, as well as automatically hide the main window of the utility.
By default, the screenshots are exported to JPG file format and you are allowed to set the JPG quality. Additionally, you may open the directory where the images are stored directly from the primary panel.
It would have been useful to see support for file naming rules, so you can easily organize the screenshots that you take by name or date.
Bottom line
To sum things up, AutoScreenCap seems to be the right choice in case you are looking for a simple to-use application that comes bundled with basic functions for helping you automatically take screenshots at a custom time.







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Take a screenshot at a user-defined time with AutoScreenCap Torrent Download. It does not leave any traces in the Windows Registry and can be copied onto any USB flash drive.
You can start or stop the capturing process, take snapshots at a user-defined time, specify the target location, start taking snapshots at startup, automatically hide the main window and more.

Screeny is a multi-purpose utility that can help you take snapshots in Windows, record screen activity, compress individual screenshots to a single image, or send a file or a link to the cloud directly from the application.
What’s in the box?
Take snapshots of your computer or application windows
Record screen activity
Capture full-screen screenshots
Record webcam snapshots
Compress individual screenshots to a single image
Export multiple screen capture items to a file
Share your screen snaps
Send screenshots to a file or the cloud
Send screenshots as a link
Take screenshots of Windows programs
Screeny Multi-purpose utility that helps you easily capture an image from your computer’s screen.
Screeny Description:
Take a snapshot of your computer’s screen as a virtual webcam. Record screen activity. Capture full-screen screenshots of your computer’s desktop. Create screenshots of other applications, the Windows desktop or even a part of the screen. The best of all: record screen activity and save snapshots that are automatically stored in any folder of your choice. Export a multiple screen capture item(s) to a file or to the cloud directly from within the application.

SAPI : Symmetric Active Policy Infrastructure. It’s the new name of the SAPI policy framework and SAPI policy core in Windows 7. The SAPI policy framework is introduced in Windows Vista. It is an extension to the policy core framework and SAPI policy core. At this time, we can say the SAPI policy core is the core of the SAPI policy framework.
SAPI Policy Framework Overview:
A Windows Vista SP1 Kernel Mode Policy Framework is a high-level framework to help you implement policy on a system. It makes it easier to build an application that enables you to create and manage policies, control access to resources and that contains various features that can be used for security. The SAPI policy framework also simplifies the creation of more granular policy requirements. With this framework you can implement a number of protection strategies and create policies that apply to a wide array of security scenarios. It eliminates the need for extensive and specialized knowledge to create policy by simplifying the

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FadeSlide is a lightweight, open source, image viewer and slideshow program designed to manage slideshows with music, BGM and transition effects. It can also display pictures in an infinite loop. It is based on GTK+ 2.x (2.12.x recommended) and runs on Windows, Linux and OS X.


Present images in an infinite loop.

Picture slide show with music.

Player to preview images in slideshow.

You can add and remove any images (do not delete the files of the images before running the application).

Have a slideshow playing in the background with which you can connect to watch the presentation.

It is possible to get the slideshow presented, start and stop it.

Take pictures of images with the click of a button.

Extended file searching.

Enable or disable a program to start the slideshow as soon as the window is opened.

Extended file search.

Ability to edit images and image links.

Easy to use but with a large number of parameters to set up.

Automatic results of image conversion from BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF formats to PNG format.

Automatic results of image conversion from BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF formats to PNG format.

Remove unwanted pictures from images.

Import images from zip archives and other formats (convert to the format currently selected).

Manage a set of images and files as your own tags.

Copy slideshows (one click, multiple slideshows).

Automatic (or manual) slideshow on startup or at a specific time.

In recent versions of Windows you can choose the time and the format for the time, plus the added functionality of having a background slideshow.

Support for BMP, JPG, PNG and GIF format images.

Text and HTML (or HTML/PHP) formatting for the slides.

The possibilities are enormous for the user (many, many parameters to set up).

Change the language and the interface configuration of the program.

Support for images in multiple languages (different from the text of the slides).

The secondary panel is located in the lower-left corner of the main window, which makes it possible to see one or all slideshows in a simple and clear way without the need to go through the tree of images.

Mark the images that

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The design of this application looks like a secret stash. No one knows where the files will be found. But all the time she will be in the file dialogs and you can see the hierarchy and the structure.
This is a computer application, and it is a good idea to give you a lot of user-friendly interface.
You can use the program without installing it because you can run directly from the CD (on Windows XP).

The regular actions are very convenient for users:

– Export to HTML. You can copy the generated files and publish them on the web.
– Capture by images. You do not need to get the handy keyboard to capture pictures.
– Import a ZIP archive.
– Export to an image file.
– Save a list of the files in the program (Recording the file list on a CD).
– Copy files. You can save on the hard drive.
– Edit the custom XML file.
– Delete all the files.
– Rename the file.

One of the advantages of the software is that it is very easy to use. It can be downloaded and installed directly from the CD.

Which is an advantage of the software is that it keeps the original files and directories. For example, you can click in a file and you will see that it is the original file name. If you add or remove the file, it will keep the original files and keep the directory.

This is a non-blocking software. You can also save your custom layouts in the XML files and restart the program without reopening the files.

The application provides some high level of user settings. The software organizes all your settings in the XML format in a single place, and that allows you to quickly find the settings you need.

This software is designed for managing all your disk files. The program identifies all the files on your disk drive and knows where to store them. For example, you may

What’s New In AutoScreenCap?

AutoScreenCap is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you automatically take screenshots at a user-defined time. The advantages of being portable It is clear that AutoScreenCap is developed with an eye toward portability. Not only does it work on computers running Windows XP and up, but it will even make your travel life a little easier. It is completely free for home use. Sometimes, it is quite handy to take screenshots and save them as a JPEG. However, often a useful feature is to be able to take screenshots at a user-defined time, and then save the obtained information to a specified location, in a folder in which you have previously set up time-based rules. AutoScreenCap allows you to easily take snapshots at a specific time of the day, and saves them to a location you specify. This program is a breeze to install, and does not create any traces in the Windows Registry. There is also the option to set the window from which you want to take screenshots. You can choose the time to take the screenshots, and specify the location of the JPEG files. This software is completely free to use. The autostart is disabled by default, but you can easily reactivate it by ticking the corresponding checkbox. There is a subprogram of the screencapture shell extension that you can enable or disable by going to the Startup tab and selecting one of the enabled options. You also have the option to hide the main window. Bottom line The most important feature that you will find in AutoScreenCap is the ability to take photos at a certain time of the day. Because you get unlimited space for saving the photos, you can quickly organize them into daily folders, in order to keep the information you need to view to refer to later. The program is highly customizable, and comes with a very simple to follow interface. This is really the program that you need to have in your hands if you are looking to automate the taking of screenshots in a user-friendly manner. You can download AutoScreenCap at the official site.

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System Requirements For AutoScreenCap:

OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista SP2 / Windows XP SP3
CPU: 2.0 GHz processor with SSE3 instruction set
Memory: 6.0 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT or AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT or better (256MB VRAM)
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
Additional Notes: DirectX 9 or later graphics card
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