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Softball Scoreboard Pro Crack

* Browse for a softball scoreboard from over 300 preconfigured scoreboard samples
* Use up to 4 scoreboard templates in the same game
* Support creating, editing and customizing scoreboard template
* Supports all kind of softball (1.6 & 1.8 oz.) ball (hitting with both hands with and without glove)
* Support four-stroke (4-piston) and two-stroke (two-piston) engines
* Support multi-language (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,…)
* Support multi-profile (stadium, league, series, tournament)
* Be able to input player’s information: Name, Position, Shirt Size, Team(s)
* Baseball/Softball/Basketball/Hockey/Lacrosse/Volleyball/Soccer Ball Handling/Hitting Ability/Batting Ability
* There are many controls available in the control screen for easy customize the scoreboard view
* Interactive to each other
* Support auto reset timer
* Support sticky bit (functions as a timer)
* Support interactive image (can be easily archived)
* Support clock countdown
* Support old team names
* Support new team names
* Supports TTF, DTF, Icon
* Supports configurable auto save settings, including save under mouse click, change interval, max number of save files, etc.
* Support XML file to store settings


Softball Scoreboard Pro License:

Softball Scoreboard Pro is a registered trademark of HEXYS Company in the USA. Softball Scoreboard Pro description, screenshots, reviews, price, serial number, etc. are all trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. All the trademarks here belong to their respective owners.

Softball Scoreboard Pro is a free software released under GNU General Public License, it means you can install or use Softball Scoreboard Pro for free. The file you will receive after download is an executable file. You can also use Softball Scoreboard Pro after you have installed it, you can also run it without installation for free. Softball Scoreboard Pro is a trial software, you will need to purchase it to activate your license.

Softball Scoreboard Pro Support:

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Softball Scoreboard Pro [Latest-2022]

The main functions of this application include displaying the scores for various Softball matches and also allowing you to modify the content according to your needs. It also comes with a control panel that allows you to customize its settings in a straightforward manner.
Softball Scoreboard Pro Full Version comes with the following features:
1. Softball Scoreboard Pro Free – Allows you to simulate Softball matches with the help of a score box.
2. Softball Scoreboard Pro Professional – Includes all the features available in the free version and also allows you to display Heat Rule statistics.
3. Softball Scoreboard Pro Unlimited – Allows you to display field graphics and also configure extensive game modes.
4. Softball Scoreboard Pro Show – Allows you to display all the available options in a single screen.
5. Softball Scoreboard Pro Options – Includes options for adjusting the Softball Scoreboard:
7. Softball Scoreboard Pro Control – Includes a control panel that enables you to customize the content.
Features of the Softball Scoreboard Pro Trial Version :
1. Softball Scoreboard Pro Trial Version – Displays all the Softball Scoreboard features included in the full version.
2. Softball Scoreboard Pro Show (1-5 Players) – Allows you to display all the features found in the Softball Scoreboard Free version (1 player).
3. Softball Scoreboard Pro (Control) – Allows you to display the control panel, which offers you with numerous functions that enable you to customize and also navigate the Softball Scoreboard Free interface.
Softball Scoreboard Pro Installation :
This application can be easily downloaded and installed on any computer, as it does not require additional configuration. It features a very simple interface and can be easily navigated in a single step.
This program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.
It also comes with a 100% complete help file that helps with every step in installing and running this software, as well as performing any queries or errors.
1) In order to run the Softball Scoreboard Pro program, you need to download and install it using the link below.
2) After the setup is complete, simply go to where you saved the Softball Scoreboard Pro program and double-click on the Softball Scoreboard Pro icon.
Softball Scoreboard Pro Download
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Softball Scoreboard Pro Crack [32|64bit]

This application helps you display Softball scores and all-time statistics for your home and away teams. It simulates the use of a physical scoreboard with the help of a control panel in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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Mobile Scoreboard Pro Description:
Mobile Scoreboard Pro for Symbian OS is an enhanced version of the Classic Softball Scoreboard Pro application. It features a brand new user interface, built-in support for Nokia Series 60 5th Edition, GPS, and enhanced score synchronization.

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Softball Scoreboard Pro Plus includes:

– Brand-new user interface

– GPS support

– Up to 16 players

– More than 990 stats, including batting average, home runs, pitches, hits, runs, RBIs, strike outs, and more

Softball Scoreboard Pro Plus software is absolutely 100% clean, safe and virus-free.

Softball Scoreboard Pro and Softball Scoreboard Pro Plus are manufactured by

Note: Softball Scoreboard Pro Plus is only available to the US Market.

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What’s New In Softball Scoreboard Pro?

Softball Scoreboard Pro is a free software application that helps you create scoreboard displays that simulate the actual scoreboard in a Softball stadium.
Lightweight application with customizable interface
This program can be easily installed on your computer, since it does not require any additional configuration on your part. It comes with a simple interface that can be customized according to your needs.
Basic PC operating skills are required to operate this utility, but it is also possible to display a help window that can aid you if you encounter any difficulties.
Modify the scoreboard content from the integrated control screen
Softball Scoreboard Pro comes with two major components: the actual scoreboard display and a control screen that allows you to adjust its content easily.
Customizing your scoreboard can be achieved easily, as the control section is highly intuitive and provides you with straightforward functions. For instance, you can modify the score, call a new batter, toggle the next half and play buzzer or horn sound effects.
Customize the scoreboard according to your needs
The Options window enables you with a wide variety of adjustable parameters that you can easily alter. This application allows you to specify team or stadium names, assign them logos or modify each and every one of the categories. Additionally, you can change the color of various interface components, so that it better suits your preferences.
To wrap it up, Softball Scoreboard Pro is a lightweight application that helps you simulate a fully-customizable Softball scoreboard on your computer in a convenient manner. It comes with highly intuitive functions and also provides you with help documentation, in case you get stuck.
Softball Scoreboard Pro Buy
Download Softball Scoreboard Pro now and enjoy the possibilities offered by this free software.

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System Requirements For Softball Scoreboard Pro:

Pentium III 800 MHz or higher
Linux and Window 7/8 operating systems
DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
1 GB or more RAM.
Windows XP and Vista users: if your video card is not on the list, it is probably compatible.
Online streaming links (If you are interested in testing our servers please e-mail to for detailed information.)
– PCP (the game client) requires 2.6 GB free space for installation

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