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While under a constant active connection to the Internet, your computer is subject to possible threats and can get damaged without even noticing. An antivirus solution is not capable of providing full protection and malicious apps are not always the cause for data loss. As a means to prevent this, BackRex Outlook Backup gives you the possibility to easily save a copy of specific data either to transfer to another computer or stay on the safe side. Targeting commonly used applications The application is cleverly designed from all points of view, allowing anyone to take advantage of its features, regardless of experience. You only need to follow a few steps that require certain options to be checked or specified, with the overall process only taking roughly around a couple of minutes. As the name might suggest, the application does not target your whole operating system, but rather applications you use on a daily basis either for leisure or work. These are commonly known and used, namely Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Creates a clever restore package Each step of the way is paved with helpful text so you don't get stuck along the way. Implemented options let you create a backup, restore to previous configuration settings, initiate a rollback or schedule a backup task. A neat advantage is the result, which can be directly created on a removable storage device and kept safe. Additionally, you can choose to compress files to a custom size, as well as equip it with a password for extra protection. The output also generates an executable file that knows exactly what to do when launched, but also takes you through several steps, giving you full control over what and what not to recover. Choose components to save and schedule tasks Further along the way you get to choose target applications, which are the ones mentioned above. A tree view displays all of them, along with content that can be saved, ranging from signatures, stationary, mail accounts to bookmarks, history, cookies and user preferences for web browsers. Moreover, the integrated scheduler gives you the possibility to automate the process in case you're working with an unstable PC or environment. Besides exact hour, you can set it daily, weekly or monthly, as well as enable multiple schedules. To end with All things considered, we can safely state that BackRex Outlook Backup is one of the tools you might want to have at hand, regardless of the purpose you use a computer. You never know when your machine suddenly decides to malfunction or you simply want to move your settings to a new one. The wizard like design is highly-intuitive, allowing anyone to put its features to good use.









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BackRex Outlook Backup is an easy to use tool that creates an exact copy of the Outlook email folder for Outlook 2003/2007. Your settings are saved and can be transferred to any other computer that runs Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007. You can transfer the copy to other computers that run Outlook 2003/2007 and the original folder is destroyed. You can restore from the backup to the current Outlook 2003/2007 instance. If you have more than one address book, you can restore the copy of the old address book, the copy of the old email address book and so on. BackRex Outlook Backup is 100% safe and the import/export of addresses, emails, appointments and contacts is full SQL compatible. BackRex Outlook Backup uses a new backup technology that stores the backup on an external (USB) hard drive or on an internal (NTFS) drive. All Backup settings are stored in a new personal file on the computer, overwriting the original settings. BackRex Outlook Backup is very easy to use. All you have to do is run the program, select where you want the backup folder to be saved, select the folder you want to be copied and click on ‘Copy’. Your backup folder is now saved on the external hard drive or on the internal hard drive. Just run the program on other computers, select the backup folder and click on ‘Restore’. The same folder from the backup will be restored. All settings are restored to the original Outlook 2003/2007 instance. All email accounts, email folders, appointments, contacts, signatures, bookmarks, bookmarks, profiles and other settings are restored. Check the conditions you would like your backup to meet: – Backing up to an external hard drive – Backing up to an internal hard drive – Backing up or restoring to another computer DBBackup is the First database backup tool that is free of charge for both personal and business users. With the powerful automation tool of DBBackup, you will not be required to use any complicated configuration or administration tools and you can rest assured that your data are kept safe. WinDBG is a graphical version of the WinDbg debugger from Microsoft. If you have a remote debugging session open with the WinDbg debugger, you can access it with WinDBG. WinDBG is helpful for troubleshooting crashes, for debugging and for administering Windows. WinDBG can debug 3 languages: Assembly, C and C++. Some features

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Create backup of home/work folder in Outlook Backup computer to USB Drive Recover backup to PC How to Restore Backup in Outlook Create backup of home/work folder in Outlook BackRex Outlook Backup allows you to save your personal data into different types of backups to ensure keeping the most necessary files safe. A component of application is also a restore function which makes it possible to restore backup data to the PC, without losing any of the other components and user configurations that are safe. Example of Create Backup Click on Start. Open All Programs. Click on BackRex Outlook Backup. Click on Backup Your Outlook Account. Choose one of options. Click on Backup Settings. Click on Folder to Backup. Choose from the tree on the left and go to desired folder. Click on the selected folder and press Ctrl + C to backup. Click on Create Backup. Click on Finish. Click on Back to view folder you just backed up. Example of Restore Data Click on BackRex Outlook Backup. Click on Import Backup. Choose a backup that was previously created. Click on OK. Click on Next. Choose the desired options that you had previously saved. Click on Next. Select the location to restore to and click on OK. Result The steps are done and your data is ready to be restored. Backup computer to USB Drive BackRex Outlook Backup is capable of backing up all folders and files that are available. The creation of backups is very convenient, as a copy is saved to an external hard drive and can be safely stored in case you have concerns over the safety of your computer. The process is easy and can be used on any PC with USB port, with all data including bookmarks, mail, contacts, mail folders, calendar items and any other files or folders being saved. Example of Backup Click on Start. Open All Programs. Click on BackRex Outlook Backup. Select Backup. Choose File to Backup. Select folder that you want to back up. Choose File Name. Click on OK. Example of Restore Click on BackRex Outlook Backup. Click on Import Backup. Choose a backup that was previously created. Click on OK 2f7fe94e24

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BackRex Outlook Backup is for Mac OS platform.BackRex Outlook Backup is an easy and powerful software for you to backup your Outlook Email including Exporting Outlook emails in the formats of MSG, MBOX, EML, PPT etc.Hurricane Irma’s toll in the Caribbean is expected to be in the thousands as she approaches Florida, officials said Sunday, but their numbers could grow. And the death toll is already at two. Michael Burgess, spokesman for the Caribbean’s St. Vincent and the Grenadines, said he expected “at least a thousand” to die as Irma barrels into the Florida Keys and then up the state’s east coast. He said that was an estimate, not a final count, but that the first reports from his country were of severe damage. In the British Virgin Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, storms damaged some 50% of their buildings. Officials from Puerto Rico said many islands suffered power outages, including the U.S. territory of Vieques, and the entire island of Culebra. On St. Vincent, a government spokesman said winds were especially strong at the airport and that a storm surge sent water rushing into the city. “We had a significant storm surge and the water hit almost the height of the window of the restaurant,” said the spokesman, Sandy Hill Ncube. “I saw the water and I’m glad I wasn’t there at the time. It could have been a lot worse. We’re praying that the people who lost their homes will be able to rebuild it.” The death toll from Irma’s wrath is expected to grow as more storms sweep through the Caribbean. Two people have died in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Jeffrey Dennis, 52, died after taking shelter at the emergency shelter in St. Thomas, and Donald Polatnick, 62, was killed when he was swept away by floodwater. Gov. Kenneth Mapp has asked President Trump to declare a state of emergency in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Mapp is hoping that the administration will put on extra medical supplies and troops who could help rescue stranded residents. In the U.S. Virgin Islands, about 4,000 people have been evacuated and some people are stranded, officials say. Aerial photographs show flooding in St. Croix. In one image, floodwater is so deep you can see into the mansions

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This has been a great week if you want to get use of a very useful Microsoft Outlook Backup Utility. We use the Outlook for our email messages and contacts as well as calendar. So we used to keep backup and restore the files and their details. But not anymore because we have one app which will help you to backup your Outlook and restore it as well. For restoration, you have to keep some information for restoration in a backup. To restore the Outlook you need to extract the zip archive of these information. And this information can be from Outlook files as well as from the files of computer software & data recovery. BackRex Outlook Backup Main Features: 1. Provide Outlook folder backup and restoration. 2. Make a backup of the outlook save files. 3. Provide Outlook backup & restore on local computer. 4. Undo Outlook Restore. 5. Keep the Outlook folder information for the Microsoft Outlook file backup. 6. The file list is check by using the antivirus engine. 7. Drag and drop items for backup process. 8. Option to choose the local drive and the name for the outputted archive. 9. Option to choose the Zip format as well as keep the password. 10. Export as XML backup and you will receive a ZIP file. 11. Create the backup as an executable file (.exe) & you can use this.exe file and burn it to a disc. How To Recover Windows 7 Run Backup Repair? A Windows 7 backup repair is an essential and useful tool that creates a backup of your Windows OS just in case. Unlike the normal restore, the backup repair runs a combination of advanced scanning techniques that locate and repair errors in your Windows 7. By using the backup repair, you can use your Windows 7 backed up files and your system without any risk of losing important information. It also helps you to restore your files or your application’s database back to their original state. This tool can be used as a helpful security tool for backing up your system if you don’t have time to regularly create a backup. Here is how the tool works, it can restore your entire personal or workstation backup as a single file or application database backup. The target backup is created on a different computer or a different location, and you can easily recover it and use the whole original Windows 7 environment to access your applications, files and work. Upgrading and Updating the Tool For providing an efficient solution for you, we have upgraded the

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OS: Windows 7 or later Windows 8 or later Mac OS X 10.9 or later Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 or later) Hardware: CPU: Intel Core i3 (M550/Core i5/Core i7) Intel Core i3 (M550/Core i5/Core i7) Intel Core i5 (M550/Core i7) Intel Core i5 (M

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