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You are a visitor to the lower levels of the world of BELOW, where the remnants of a past civilization are buried below the surface. As the visitor, you must travel through a series of ethereal subterranean chambers seeking clues to the civilization’s old technology.
“BELOW’s sweeping atmospherics are only surpassed by his penchant for melody. Both are his strengths.” — Ramiro Santos, PODCAST AMBIENCE
► A rich, immersive original soundtrack, from the first to the last of the main chamber sequences. Beneath the player, fleeting soundscapes and rhythmic intricacies emerge and give way to atmospheric landscapes. Playable instruments (flute, piano, bagpipes, synthesizer, clavichord) form vibrant pillars that support the ethereal ambience. A few chirping bird avian vocalizations are also included here.
► Intricate and immersive: the scoring for BELOW uses more than forty pieces of original music to convey the mood, emotion, and atmosphere of the game.
► The player can choose to listen to only the soundtrack, or play the orchestral passages along with the development of the game.
► Strips that merge to form the main theme of the game. These are composed with a simple intro, a perfect cadence, and a coda.
► The player is offered a menu of vocal harmonizations. These will be intonated by the Ambient Library, with a custom artwork for each voice.
► A studio version of the main theme, with a small orchestral accompaniment.
► A cinematic version of the main theme, with various different instruments.
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Key features:

– More than 40 minutes of playtime, with 70 unique themes and new musical ideas added since the last version.
– A variety of instrumental compositions and new arrangements of classical and electronic sounds.
– Six new optional soundtracks: user-defined, voiced by Jim Guthrie.
– Three collections of harmonized voices (with new custom artworks).
– Instruction videos for each track included.
– A separate lesson file with interactive videos and composer’s insights.
– 4 sample songs, including “BELOW” Game theme.
– 1 user guide.
– An installer for the soundtrack, including


Features Key:

  • Play as a Rage Incarnate – Increase Charisma, Stamina, Vitality and Constitution by 3. Increase size and strength by 3. Increase Constitution by an additional 3 and Charisma by an additional 2. Increase skill ranks and ability scores of craft skills by 3. Your most important stat bonus is Charisma.
  • Fully customizable Rage attacks. Customize your Rage attacks as you see fit.
  • Choose a path of retribution as the Rage Incarnate. Customize your Rage Attacks, skill, traits and other features.
  • Rage Incarnate is more than a normal character. When you enter rage you undergo a physical and mental transformation. You are imbued with fire and fury. Increase your strength, constitution, skills, features and powers.
  • You recover quickly after combat thanks to a high Constitution and vitality. Choose whether you need to eat, sleep or rest after each adventure.
  • As the Rage Incarnate you are directly connected to the elemental forces that inhabit the material world. Your hands are made of sand, fire and stone, so elemental attacks benefit you directly. Substitute any hit location you choose with any elemental damage type.
  • The manner of your melee attack customizes elemental damage. Use special melee weapons made of fire, air, earth, or water for different element resistances.
  • As the Rage Incarnate, you have a bonus to Perception and Survival checks.
  • Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder RPG – Carrion Crown AP 5: Ashes at Dawn (PFRPG) Game Key Features:

    Fantasy Grounds – Pathfinder RPG – Carrion Crown AP 5: Ashes at Dawn (PFRPG) Description

    Fantasy Grounds – Carrion Crown AP 5: Ashes at Dawn (PFRPG) lets you be a Rage Incarnate in the fifth adventure for the Carrion Crown series, fighting for freedom and justice against the inevitable corruption of the material world.

    A journey through the murk and the forge of the one called Maloraja, where the immaterial and the material collide. Castle Cognizant, hero of the last Carrion Crown adventure “Bad Luck Saves the Dead”, will be your last and probably most intense mission in the series. Will you be able to withstand the temptation of power, corruption and chaos


    Kaze And The Wild Masks – OST Activation [March-2022]

    This is a shoot-’em-up made by RPG amateur developers.
    They wish to play it without lag, and they have created a netgame to achieve that.
    You will engage in a battle against the army of Sodom.
    Set the ship at the origin and aim to destroy all the enemy.
    You can choose the point of view at the top of the screen.
    You can place the aim on the game screen.
    You can freely move the aim around the game screen, and you can give it a speed of its own.
    You can attack by firing a bullet.
    While you shoot the bullet, it will hit the enemy and explode.
    You can also attack by firing a superior bullet, and it will be guided to the enemy.
    You can attack by reloading the bullet to return it to the inventory.
    The gear icon is used to bring up the settings screen.
    You can view the remaining number of bullets.
    You can view the remaining number of lives.
    You can adjust the sound and camera speed.
    You can view the game screen.
    You can view the checkpoint.
    You can use the shop, which can be opened by clicking the shop icon.
    You can switch items using the shop.
    You can use the settings.
    You can view the achievement.
    You can view the weather.
    You can view the bonus stats.
    You can view the weapon information.
    You can use the help screen.
    You can view the about screen.
    When you use a secret item, a text will pop up.
    When you use a secret items, the result will be marked.
    You can buy items from the shop.
    You can buy items from the shop.
    You can be credited for a new player.
    You can be gifted for achievement.
    You can be sent an invitation to a new game.
    Play Here:
    About The Game:
    It was a game that is made by RPG pros that aims to play without lag.
    So that they can see the update from the beginning, an online mode was created.
    To play the game without lag, they changed the game characteristics, and other improvements were made.
    There is a new small war and a lot of changes.
    There will be


    Kaze And The Wild Masks – OST [32|64bit]

    This user is experiencing basic surgical wound treatment. This is a primary surgical wound treatment with introduction to all important instruments and necessities.This experience does not require any long-term preparation and can be done in ten to fifteen minutes. You can pause the session to inspect the result with the help of the second camera, which is located in the left eye. Another benefit is that, if the headset is damaged or lost, you can always resume the treatment from the point, where you were last paused.

    HeadsetNot compatible with the Rift S
    (Rift CV1 currently not available through the Oculus Link)
    If you would like to use Rift CV1 or other input method use Game “PST VR – Alternative” to have an immersive experience. You can also play it with full resolution on Oculus Quest (optimized) when the Rift S is not supported.

    Alternative game, you will have to complete the tutorial for Rift CV1 or other input method, this includes Oculus Quest when Rift S is not supported.


    Technical Requirements

    Minimum System Requirements

    The simulator currently supports 3 default variations of Oculus VR headsets (Rift CV1, Rift S, Oculus Quest with Oculus link)

    Virtual Reality (VR) can be defined as an artificial environment in which the user may be able to interact with the environment. Medical simulators provide for this purpose.

    VR headsets can be divided in two main categories: Cardiac Spatial and Focal. Cardiac spatial equipment provides the user with a 3D environment that includes a user’s body as seen from a single point, called eyes; while focal equipment is essentially a single point, most of the time a camera, which covers a 360 degrees environment in front of the user. Cardiac Spatial and Focal headset are available as PC models and are connected to a VR capable PC.

    If you would like to use Rift CV1 or other input method use Game “PST VR – Alternative” to have an immersive experience. You can also play it with full resolution on Oculus Quest (optimized) when the Rift S is not supported.Vistakon

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