Then, click Install this Program for more details, see below screenshot.

After that click Details to reach the downloaded setup, follow the instructions from the setup.

See below image.

Click Next to make the installation procedure complete.

See below image.


How to create events for dynamically created buttons?

I am trying to get my event to dynamically created buttons. I am able to get the event to work when the button is created the first time but it doesn’t work at all when the button is created a second time.
Here’s my code:
Private Sub Sumas_Click()
Dim i As Long
Dim suma1 As Double, suma2 As Double

If Me.Sumas.Value = False Then
MsgBox “Please enter values for the sums you would like to calculate”, vbCritical
‘pump the values of the QtyBox.Text to the variables
suma1 = Me.QtyBox.Text
suma2 = Me.QtyBox.Text
‘add the values to the local variables
suma1 = CDbl(suma1) + CDbl(suma2)
suma2 = CDbl(suma1) * CDbl(suma2)
MsgBox “The sums are: ” & suma1 & ” + ” & suma2 & vbCrLf & “The product is: ” & suma2 & ” x ” & suma1, vbInformation
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Sumas_AfterUpdate()

Me.Sumas.Value = False

End Sub

And the image of my buttons:


I’d add a button to your form that does a Postback.
Private Sub btnSumas_Click()
Me.Sumas.Value = False
End Sub

Put your check for the sum to check for btnSumas_Click is good.
Then where you have Me.Sumas.SetFocus put Me.btnSumas.SetFocus to reset the focus to btnSumas when the form loads.

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